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Flexibility, speed, precision

To obtain a perfect quality of the final product and optimum performance, each of the six teams is composed of experts with clearly defined roles
The production process is influenced by environmental factors, temperature and humidity, so there is a continuous monitoring and adjustment system of these parameters.
The stages of the production process are:

  1. non-foiled profiles conditioning - there is a minimum period of 24 hours before the actual foiling, when the profiles have to be stored in the production hall at least at 18C and at a relative humidity of 40-45%
  2. decoration foil and protection foil cutting - is done with specialized equipment, traceability rolls monitoring being made by a dedicated barcode system
  3. initial setup - setup tractor and fixing rollers is one of the most important stages in which the experience, attention and skill of the operators is essential
  4. actual foiling - is carried out using PUR – Hotmelt system with WPR Italy equipment and using Taka primer / adhesives dedicated to each type of material.
    The main stages are:
    • primer application – with automatic control of quantity correlated with the machine speed, the profile size, and tested in UV system
    • final warming - with a combined system with hot air and infrared lamps
    • application of the decoration foil using the Hotmelt system, nozzles system, with automatic verification of the amount of adhesive applied, correlated with the profile size and machine speed
    • profile inscription – using the InkJet industrial systems, according to the internal specifications and requirements of the client - allowing product traceability follow-up
  5. final conditioning - for at least 48 hours in a controlled environment to avoid thermal and mechanical shocks
  6. packing - at the client’s request - either manual in package system or automated using ROBOPAC machines in rotary system with stretch foil


Since 2006 our mission was to bring more colour on the windows of our clients.

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